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While everyone knows of the prevalence of malaria in Nigeria, not everyone understands that deaths consequent of malaria are highest in Nigeria than any other country in the world. There are an estimated 100 million malaria cases in Nigeria annually; 300, 000 of which become fatal. In addition, malaria is responsible for 11% of maternal mortality. It is also the third highest killer of children below the age of 5, and has a prevalence of almost 50% among children of same age range in South-west Nigeria.


In the bid to reduce the burden of malaria in South-west Nigeria, the Society for Family Health makes low-cost Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) available for civil society organisations interested in reducing the malaria burden at community and school levels.

Despite the long break in August, during this quarter Lifebuilders Nigeria distributed 800 nets to schools in Ibadan for redistribution to students. LLIN distributed by Lifebuilders Nigeria are provided to schools in bales of 40 nets, at the rate of 100 naira per net. This is very affordable for parents and schools, hence reducing the spread and fatalities consequent of malaria in Ibadan.


  • LLIN should be washed ONLY with mild soap, not harsh detergents, to preserve the insecticide
  • LLIN should be dried under shade, not in direct sunlight
  • LLIN should not be wrapped around children. It should instead be set up as a tent, and properly tucked under the mattress; following diagrammatic direction on LLIN nylons
  • All avenues of ventilation should be optimally utilized when sleeping under LLIN to promote aeration and reduce heat
  • When not in use LLIN should be neatly folded up, beyond the reach of the curious mouths of infants
  • Any and all suspected reactions consequent of LLIN use should be promptly reported to the nearest health facilityMosquito-Net

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