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This thing called CERVICAL CANCER

Cervical cancer is a preventable, treatable and curable cancer. It is however also the second-highest killer cancer in Nigeria. With annual fatality and mortality rates of over 17,000 and 10,000 females respectively, cervical cancer is responsible for more females deaths annually than AIDS and malaria put together. In global perspectives, Nigeria has the tenth highest cervical cancer mortality rate. Studies indicate that the Nigerian burden is the result of ignorance, lack of access to healthcare, and high cost of cancer treatment; combined with high levels of sexual risk-taking.

While cervical cancer barely shows symptoms in its early stages, regular pap smear and cervical screening tests show irregularities in the cervix; hence help detect cervical cancer when it can be treated. It is therefore essential that every female regularly undertake these tests. It is of note that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which is responsible for cervical cancer resides in the male sperm. It is therefore necessary to protect females that males do HPV screening, and that females do not engage in risky sexual practices.

Women in rural areas and out of school females are particularly susceptible to cervical cancer. This is due to their vulnerability in terms of information, social, economic, and health facilities, and high engagement in unprotected sex. We at Lifebuilders Nigeria implore that you join our efforts to reduce the cervical cancer index by contributing to our efforts to provide cervical cancer education and screening. We would very much appreciate your expertise, and material or financial support.

Support #SaveAFemale; donate N1,000/$5 to help us reach 9,000 females respectively in rural Ibadan. Donate, tell your friends too, and join the media campaign when it starts in October 2015. We are most grateful for your support in helping rural women live.

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