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Skilled UP: LSLT 2015

Lifebuilders Nigeria’s Life Skills and Leadership Training(LSLT) was designed in 2004 to provide adolescents and youths with skills and information with which to navigate extra-educational experiences. All year round, the LSLT is offered per request as a programme in schools, religious institutions, and youth organisations. In addition, every August Lifebuilders Nigeria organizes the annual LSLT Camp; during which adolescents from different backgrounds interact, are endowed with 15 skills, and encouraged to activate those skills immediately. This year the LSLT Camp was held from August 10-14, 2015 at St. Theresa’s Catholic Minor Seminary, Oke-Are, Ibadan.

#LSLT FacilitatorsThe 2015 LSLT was facilitated by a team of partnerships with Jacey Ally Integrated Services, represented by C.E.O- Mr. Joy AkinloluStanbic IBTC Iwo Road Branch Ibadan, Man O War Ikolaba Chapter, veteran youth passionista Mama G.O.G. and the LSLT resident facilitators’ team led by African Queen, and Whales.  Participants at LSLT 2015 were skilled up in entrepreneurial development, self defense, communication management, etiquette and poise, financial management, identity management, sexual health, critical thinking, bead and craft making, and reproductive health.


gamesEveryday at Camp was started with spiritual and physical grooming in devotion and physical exercises. Also, table and work teams were formed and maintained throughout Camp to inculcate responsibility ownership and sharing, as well as team ethics in participants. Partnerships were also formed via ballots and maintained throughout Camp to teach participants the value of brotherliness- always looking out for someone and being accountable to and for them.


Campfire nightOn Thursday 13th, the eve of Camp’s closing, participants enjoyed a route march which ended in a historico-geographic excursion at the crest of Laipo. Sitting atop the hill was Bower’s Tower- the highest point in Ibadan- from where different parts of the city of Ibadan were viewed and identified. Later that day, the Man o War officers taught participants to build a bonfire and its celebratory significance. As dusk claimed the city of Ibadan, participants and facilitators celebrated the wealth of experience that had been gained during LSLT 2015 as the bonfire illuminated the field.

Bowers Tower

On Friday August 14, the Camp was brought to an end with a closing ceremony during which certificates were awarded deserving participants. The ceremony was attended by members of the Lifebuilders Nigeria Boards and some parents of participants. Emotional goodbyes to teammates, partners, and facilitators as participants departed for their various homes was testimony that, once again, the annual Life Skills and Leadership Training Camp had successfully forged bonds of friendships and respected skills among Nigerian adolescents.

Lifebuilders Nigeria particularly appreciates the host School- St Theresa’s Catholic Minor Seminary Oke-Are- for the hospitality and partnership offered, which contributed to the phenomenal success that was LSLT Camp 2015.


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