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Essential Life Building Skills for Teens and Young Adults (14 – 20)

The training equips youths with the vital and crucial decision making skills that are completely necessary for survival in the over competitive and risky environment of today’s globalized community.


Predictive Parenting Training/Seminars

Today’s time consuming jobs have left little or no time for parents to interact with their adolescent children in a rewarding manner. This training equips parents to learn parenting is a fulltime job which requires specialised skills of interaction. Our parent-child communication training series helps parent to know how much of their children they know and equally learn how to cope with the changing ‘babies’ they used to nurture become adults in a friendly and non-stressful manner.


Positive Youth Mentorship

Our specialized youth mentorship programme gives young people opportunity to have the workplace experience of day to day interaction at work coping with instructions and assuring performance of the set objective to keep d business going. Youths are taken through a minimum of two weeks to one year mentoring.

Role Modelling

Our annual Role Model Award Events identifies individuals and corporate entities whose lifestyles and business conduct are worthy of recognition. The event is organised by youth volunteers who have seen mentorship by Lifebuilders as part of its future generation leadership program.

Networking for Emerging Future Leadership

All youths who have undertaken Lifebuilders’ capacity building and mentorship programmes are networked through the internet to share experience and follow-up with life touching nuggets from the leadership of Lifebuilders. Future programme of coming together to add value to society and self.

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