LIFE BUILDERS is a registered social, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that is geared towards providing health and sustainable development interventions targeted at youth, women and rural dwellers. It was registered in 2004 and tasked with the responsibility of providing information and services on Health, Economic Empowerment and Model services. It has its core values in Integrity, Service, Partnership Molding and Accountability. Numerous resources have been utilized to implement high impact remedial programmes and provide services that have significantly improved the standards of living and quality of life of vulnerable groups including children, young people and women.

LIFEBUILDERS (LB) is been managed by a team of fifteen (15) members of Board of Trustees and Board of Directors plus regular six-man team of Executive Director, a Program Director, three Programme Officers and an Accounting officer who provide day-to-day services. In addition, some 70 youths and volunteers have also provided support services while three international exchange interns from UK and Nigeria have participated in various on and off site training programme of LIFEBUILDERS (LB). These programmes and services supplement Government health and socio-economic goals at all levels.

In the next ten (10) years LB plans to maintain, and even surpass the current level of efforts in its areas of operation with additional resources and support from the International community.

Lifebuilders adopted the 5 Public Schools of Ikolaba High Schools providing weekly Lifeskills information and other health promotion issues for the 4500 Pupils during their extra curriculum hour of Wednesdays according to the Ottawa declaration for healt

Vision Statement:

A Nigerian Society where youths are empowered for responsible leadership roles and sustainable livelihoods for rural people

Mission Statement:

To implement high impact interventions that empower youth and women mentally, socially and economically for a better and secured future through innovative and participatory sustainable development initiatives in strategic partnership with others.

Our Core Values:

Integrity, Service, Partnership, Accountability and Moulding


Capacity Building, Participation, Research, Community Mobilization, Behaviour Change Communication (BCC).

What We Do


We provide critical services of

  • Capacity building through memtorship, Coaching and Training, Counseling and Referrals
  • Credit with Health Education & Poverty Alleviation (CREWEP)
  • HIV/AIDS prevention Initiatives
  • Values reorientation and Essential Lifeskills and Leadership development programmes for youths

How we work


  • Advocacy
  • Capacity Building
  • Strategic Communication and Media Outreaches
  • Participatory Research
  • Exchange Linkage/Excursion/Study tours

With your support, We can do much more & make this generation Better!